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About AirTek

Welcome to AirTek International Corporation. We are a leading developer and manufacturers of innovative climate control products.

AirTek is a dynamic global company with manufacturing in China and well-established sales and marketing operations in Hong Kong, USA, UK. Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil and India.

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Energy Efficient

Table Showing Energy Saving as compared to an Air Conditioner#
Item Rated Power consumption?? Daily Cost Per Unit $: Running 16 Hours Day* Monthly Cost Per Unit $:?? Energy Cost Savings Benefit of using AirTek EcoCool Air Cooler
Split 12000 BTU Air Conditioner 3500W Compressor + 200W Motor $10.94 $328.18 ??? Split 12000 BTU Air Conditioner uses almost 12 times more energy then?                            ? AirTek EcoCool Air Cooler.
AirTek EcoCool Air Cooler 230W $0.95 $28.48 91.3%

*Compressor Running 70% of the time & Motor Running 100% of the time.
*Above information is for reference only.